4 Major Causes of Poor Industrial Relations.
Industrial relations refer to the relationship between workers and their employers in the period of their engagement in industrial organizations. Industrial relations are a broad sector covering specific aspects of industrial life, such as collective bargaining, trade unionism, workers' participation in management, disciplinary issues, and industrial disputes.
While there are different causes of poor industrial relations, different people view these factors from various perspectives both within and outside the organizational context. For example, economists interpret poor IR in terms of demand and supply of human resource factor. Secondly, a leader more so a politician could…

Above and beyond have focus and a positive attitude towards theoretical work.


One of the most common papers you can easily pass at the university is a theory paper. You can effectively follow the steps such as mastering of the content. Regularly attending the required classes. Writing of summary notes. Making effective use of revision papers and finally engaging in progressive revision. By the use of this simple ways you are certainly going to emerge at the top of the grading system.

1. Ensure you master the content of the subject matter

You will need to deep dive into the content. This ensures that…


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